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Hosting & Cloudflare

Web hosting involves providing the services and technologies necessary to make a website viewable on the internet and a web host is someone who provides this service (e.g. maintains storage space on their web servers to house your website). When you enter a web address (URL) in your computer’s web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, etc.) a Domain Name Server (DNS) communicates to your computer’s browser exactly where the website is located so you can connect to that web server. The web server or host then sends the web page to your browser so you can see and interact with it.

Does it matter where my site is hosted?

There are thousands of “hosting” providers to choose from. Why not just pick the cheapest one and forget about it? You have spent a great deal of time, money, and effort to develop the perfect website, so be sure to choose a web host that can provide the speed, security, maintenance, and customer service you require.

Why host with DevDigital?

DevDigital owns all their own hardware which is housed in a Tier 1 data center just down the street from their office in downtown Nashville. Many hosting providers actually outsource their hosting. DevDigital does not, so if there is a hardware issue, it can be addressed within a matter of minutes. Additionally, the system architecture (e.g. hardware and software) was designed and built by our in-house Network Engineer who has over 25 years in the field. This is helpful because there aren’t a lot of extra hoops to jump through if your system happens to require any special configurations. DevDigital can handle it all.

What’s included in hosting with DevDigital?

DevDigital specializes in customization. Whether you have a small business presence website, a mobile application, or a large enterprise system, we have a solution to fit your needs. We can even take care of your e-mail if needed.

Small Sites can take advantage of our “shared” hosting platform. “Shared” hosting is when multiple sites are hosted on the same server; the same great performance and resources at a fraction of the cost.

Mid-Level Sites are best served by our clustered hosting platform. Clustered hosting offers more storage space and is perfect for data-centric applications.

Large Sites may benefit from utilizing one or more Virtual Private Servers which can be configured to house your entire system. Each enterprise system comes with its own static IP address and can be configured to allow your in-house developers access to the system as well.

What sets DevDigital apart from typical hosting providers?

Our systems are redundant and failover is automatic, so in the event that a hardware failure occurs, there is a backup in place ready to take over immediately. All DevDigital systems are configured as high availability to maximize uptime. Additionally, DevDigital employs firewalls, encryption, intrusion detection, and anti-virus programs to keep your website, your data, and your visitors safe.

NashixPease Communications

Partnerships with NashIX and Peace Communications keep bandwidth open, so you never have to worry about visitor traffic slowing down your website. Also, DevDigitals systems are hot-swappable, meaning that except in rare cases, problems can be fixed without downtime.

Additionally, unlike most providers, DevDigital backs up everything. Your data is protected by four different backups which range from running every fifteen minutes to running on a weekly basis. DevDigital also maintains historic copies of your website. These backups are maintained onsite in our PCI, HIPAA, and SOC compliant datacenter, as well as at a remote datacenter to ensure that your information is always there.