Our Mission

Our Mission


Honesty:  Honesty with ourselves, each other, our clients, and our community. We cannot operate effectively without knowing the truths about our performance, how we impact the lives of others, and our community.

Living up to our word: Whatever we say we will do and whatever we say the price will be—we will stand by our word. When we are wrong we will admit it. When it takes longer than expected, we will communicate it. Our work is only as good as our honest word.

Rewarding Our People: Rewards come in different forms. Whether it is wages, bonuses, stock options, a healthy work environment, or time off—our commitment is to make all of these options available to our people.

Building New Business Equity: We believe in finding people and partners that want to build new businesses and gain equity positions in these businesses.  We believe in sharing equity and responsibility with people who want to build profitable businesses with a purpose.

Financial Integrity: We believe that the best way to run a business is without debt. We have achieved this goal for over 8 years and will continue to remain debt free. We believe in maintaining tight financial reporting systems, outstanding record-keeping, and conservative reporting/ forecasting models.

Leadership Development from Within: We believe that the future leaders of our businesses will come from within. We will continuously support our people by providing leadership development opportunities and grooming them to lead future ventures.

Motivated People: We believe in self-motivated people. We will provide a framework for people to win. We will provide an environment for them to discover opportunities, tools, and knowledge to continuously learn. Last but not least, we allow the freedom to collaborate with others that share common values and goals. Together, our team is empowered to collectively decide the best plans for never-ending improvement.
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